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 Laws of Man & Angel

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Viciouz Miss
Viciouz Miss

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Laws of Man & Angel _
PostSubject: Laws of Man & Angel   Laws of Man & Angel EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 10:01 am

The foul stench stretched across the land in haste
their mouths drowned their feet, salivating for a taste
Not much longer could they wait, their eyes glazed with hunger
their hands clapped together in a sound of ritual thunder
Their thoughts never stuttered as they grapsed the image
of tearin' the skin off, another sin victorious in its scrimmage
With the victim ripped from its position in its only life mission
to live thru today, but now its caught in their tradition
Its blood is their nutrition, its flesh is their ignition
and so they prep it's cold death & begin with an incision
They all listen to hear it whimper as blood trickles from the slit
they lick their lips, it quivers its as they hover over drips
The air is thick, as the warmth burns its tightened throat
its legs and arms fightin' as it lies frightened in tied ropes
The air's so thick it could choke any strength right from its heart
but still it lays cryin', as they're pryin' at it's tender parts
And so it starts the craze, the clouds gather over to watch
as the thunder rolls in it's protest for this to stop
Its cries are small for their chants are loud and anxious in their sound
it closes its eyes and begins to pray as the hand of god touched down
"Dear children of mine, how can you sacrifice a beauty such as this
no sinner so blind, no devil unkind can murder this sweet gift,
Look at its wings, its shining ring just right above its head,
the death of this angel would bring me anger, cuz from this I can not be fed"
They cowered at his sight, the echo of his might brought them to shed tears
cuz they knew to wrong him was what they promised to never do thru the years
"But this angel must die, cuz it can not live amongst us in our land,
it can not stand amongst our men and it can not learn to understand
the ways of our life, cuz so pure in its light, it must be up in the skies"
and with that they cut its head from neck and tossed it into god's eyes
"see the beauty you call an angel, its far too painful to bare,
look at its perfection, to it we are an incorrection it must not share,
take the angel cuz here theres dangers it can't escape,
leave us be, dear god, cuz to starve is our fate"

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Laws of Man & Angel _
PostSubject: Re: Laws of Man & Angel   Laws of Man & Angel EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 10:43 am

nice story. it was a little hard to follow but the flow kept it moving and gave me something to look forward to with every line. I'll have to read this again to catch all the meaning.

the rhymes connected well and the vocabulary was on par with the deep content.

Thanks for the read!

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Laws of Man & Angel

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